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Carbon Charger Stand FIRST EDITION   MAX-04-001

With limited pit space its rather important to have everything as organized as possible on the table to maintain enough space for wrenching on your cars. Usually the charging equipment takes the most space on the table. 
Our new Carbon Charger Stand helps with saving space and frees up more room in your pits.

The "FIRST EDITION" MXLR Carbon Charger Stand is made in Germany and offers the full "pro" look as its made from carbon and aluminum only! 
As another special and proof of originality, we embedded a engraved "MXLR FIRST EDITION" alloy badge in the top plate, similar like its used on famous hyper cars. 

Our design offers multiple possibilities for the placement of your charging equipment. 
The top plate has perfect sized holes in the front area to allow XT60 and 4/5mm banana plugs go thru, as well as bigger sized holes in the rear for XT90 and other bigger plug types.

As shown in our image gallery, there is enough room for a big vary of different brand components! 
From one big charger on top with the power supply and discharge bank below, to small charger + discharger on top, while power supply and power distributor are placed on the lower plate. Nearly every needed layout is possible! 

Weight: ~330g.
Overall dimensions(LxHxD): 230mm X 105mm X 180mm
Space on top plate: 210mm X 170mm
Space on lower plate (between the posts): 202mm X 152mm

MAX-04-001 contains:
1x Top Plate with MXLR FIRST EDITION badge
1x Lower Plate
4x Carbon Rod with alloy ends
4x M3x8 Roundhead screw
4x M3x16 Flathead screw
4x 3x3mm O-Ring

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