A passion for RC-racing and the pursuit of perfection - this is the key philosophy of MXLR.


The servo arm plays an important role of the overall handling and feeling of your steering inputs. 
Strength of the material and even more the height from the ball stud to the servo spline are key points for the best performance.

We created the MXLR Adjustable Alloy Servo Arm to offer you a strong and reliable height adjustable servo arm which stands the highest competition demands! The 3mm range for the height adjustment of the ball stud is a huge setup option which you shouldn't miss to play with! A higher turning point generates more initial response, while a lower turning point calm down the steering and creates a finer resolution.

You are able to set any height between 16-19mm without the need to switch any plates or parts of the horn, which makes it a quick setup change option by sliding the ball stud up or down. Our slightly bulkier arm design adds some extra strength and reliability!

Another very important feature of good a servo arm is the "play free fit" with the servo spline. As different manufacturers using different tolerances for the production of their splines (even they are the same teeth numbers) it's rather impossible to create a perfect fit servo arm without the use of a clamping design! Clearly, we also chosen to make us of this clamping feature which guarantee a perfect play free fit to all servo splines. 
Also make sure to read the INSTRUCTIONS before the installation of the servo arm!

Our Adjustable Alloy Servo Arm is machined from high quality black anodized aluminum with silver edges and laser engraved logo to underline our key philosophy. 

Two versions for different Servo splines are available. 
23T suitable for: Sanwa / KoPropo / Airtronics / Graupner / Spektrum
25T suitable for: Futaba / MKS / PowerHD / Savöx / SRT

MAX-09-001 contains: 
1x Adjustable Alloy Servo Arm 23T
1x Alloy Servo Horn Dongle 
1x SC2X8 screw

MAX-09-002 contains: 
1x Adjustable Alloy Servo Arm 25T
1x Alloy Servo Horn Dongle 
1x SC2X8 screw

INFO: We may use additional parts, cars and/or items to display the use of our above described and named product. This additional parts, cars and/or items are NOT part of the above described and named product. The above described and named product consists only and exclusively the parts mentioned under "The product contains:"
You must read and follow the GENERAL & SAFETY PRECAUTIONS before use, which can be found here:  INSTRUCTIONS