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Special designed and machined Screw for the front KingPin of the Awesomatix A12. 
Main feature is the extension of the KingPin length by 0,5mm which allows a greater possibility to set front droop with certain tires/rims.
The flange on the lower site of the head is the exact same OD as ST1208 (Steel and Alloy versions!) and suitable to fit SH12S0.2 Spring Shim's as well. Our ultra flat head design clears easily with all current 1/12 scale front rims on the market! 

Machined at highest standards from 12.9 Steel to be strong and reliable for a long lifespan. 
Only 0,3g weight per screw! 

MAX-09-014 contains:
2x KingPin Extension Screw for Awesomatix A12

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